Tasteful architecture and food in the Looshaus in Payerbach

In the Looshaus, timeless architecture meets a modern take on traditional fare.

The Looshaus hotel and restaurant in Payerbach has been owned by the Steiner family for five decades. This stability perfectly complements Adolf Loos’s linear architecture.

The history of the Looshaus hotel and restaurant in Payerbach dates back to 1928. Originally designed as a country house, it is one of the later works of Adolf Loos, a pioneer of modern architecture. In 1959, after several changes of ownership, the house was restored and converted into a hotel restaurant. It has been a listed building since 1962.

Clear structures
The plain handwriting of Adolf Loos is particularly noticeable in the entrance of the restaurant. On two floors, an impressive panoramic window offers an impressive view of the Vienna Alps, including the Rax and Schneeberg mountains. You will also be amazed by the excellent cuisine.

Specialities of the house
Chef Hanna Sehn puts a modern twist on traditional fare and regional, seasonal classics. Top recommendations are Kreuzberg trout, lamb and sheep’s cheese from Althammerhof, and game specialities. These have received Falstaff’s seal of approval.