A visual paradise

Go along the Arc of the Viennese Alps to the best viewpoints in the Vienna Alps

The Arc of the Viennese Alps reflects the Alps in miniature, and visitors can see all of the attractions that make Europe’s largest mountain range so charming. This is where Alpine climate and rugged rock faces meet the charming and gentle elevations of Bucklige Welt.

With its lush meadows and rugged rock faces, the Vienna Alps are reminiscent of a small likeness of a European alpine arc. There is everything here – from tranquil river landscapes to idyllic pastures, to the imposing mountains of Schneeberg, Rax and Hohe Wand. Experience the diversity of the Vienna Alps through the 19 stages of the 300km-long Arc of the Viennese Alps trail.

The best viewing points

At the beginning and end of each stage, there is a starting point, and there are viewing points in the most promising places. Visitors can look through Vienna Alps Viewers – periscope-like viewing devices – and immediately understand why the Vienna Alps is described as a visual paradise.