Ski tours on the Vienna Alpine Arc

Schneeberg, Rax & Semmering entice with wild nature & powder snow - local guides lead safely through alpine terrain

Many paths lead down into the valley, some of them straight through the powder snow. To enjoy them, the help of local mountain guides is recommended.

At 2,076 m, the Schneeberg is Lower Austria's highest mountain and the easternmost 2,000 m peak in the Alps. It is the address for sporty tourers. The mountain massif offers steep descents as well as enjoyable tours. As with every tour, good preparation is essential.

Professional advice

An avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe are part of the basic equipment, and an avalanche airbag provides additional safety. If you are going on a ski tour for the first time, you can book an introductory course at the Peter Groß Ski and Mountaineering School in Puchberg. Here you learn how to use the equipment and benefit in the group from the experience of local guides: because in alpine terrain you are never alone.

Tour tip: Breite Ries

The Breite Ries is one of the first steep runs in the Alps and is one of the classics on the Schneeberg. Thanks to its north-eastern exposure, the run offers good snow conditions for a very long time and a magnificent view of Puchberg.