Cycling in the Vienna Alps

Dream-like tours between Buckliger Welt and Schneeberg, Rax, Wechsel, Semmering and Hoher Wand

More than 250 kilometres of marked cycle paths and routes, hundreds of kilometres of low-traffic side roads: The Vienna Alps are a cyclist’s paradise just outside Vienna – easily accessible, well-developed and full to the brim with fantastic views.

Slowly enough so as not to miss the bathing spot behind the bend, the guest garden with the wonderful “Malakoff” cake or the selfie motif complete with “Schneeberg” background. Fast enough to get to know new corners, to enjoy a fresh perspective on the country and its people, and to leave everyday life far behind with a spirited pedal: if the bicycle didn’t exist yet, it would have to be invented for the Viennese Alps. Car or train help you to arrive here: you can find yourself at the start of the most beautiful tours from Vienna within an hour. Bicycles or e-bikes are also available for hire on site upon request.

Checked the weather forecast yet? Let’s go on the family tour!  

Viennese Alps? That sounds like I’ll be sweating like there’s no tomorrow. Not a chance: No one will find themselves out of breath on our clearly-marked, well-connected family cycle paths in the Vienna Alps. For example, on the Austrian section of the long-distance cycle route Eurovelo 9. Here, it’s almost effortless from Katzelsdorf through the meadows of Leitha Auen via Grimmenstein and onto Aspang. From here, the sporty section of the trail for more ambitious families continues to Mönichkirchen and, on spring and autumn days, there’s always the white tip of Schneeberg mountain in view. A hot summer day? The Schwarzatal Radroute leads through shady pine forests from Bad Erlach to Reichenau an der Rax, the Piestingtal Radroute past Biedermeier villas from bathing spot to bathing spot and the Feistritztal Radroute along the rippling Feistritz river, far away from the traffic. Fancy some culture? The asphalted Zöbernbach Radroute connects Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt and Zöbern, passing historical buildings and a museum village on the way.

Keen to rack up your KOMs? Collect your altitude metres on the Semmering!

Sporty cyclists can enjoy the Weltkulturerbe Radstrecke (World Heritage Cycle Route) on over 900 crisp metres of altitude, a new dream view of the surrounding mountains or of one of the imposing viaducts that stretch along the historic Semmering Railway, which all await behind every hairpin bend. The route leads from Gloggnitz via Schottwien and Maria Schutz up to the Semmering, and the reward for such exertion is a dip in the natural bathing pond in Gloggnitz or a “Klosterkrapfen” (a sweet treat akin to a doughnut) from the Kirchenwirt in Maria Schutz.Tip: arrive hassle-free within one hour from Vienna by train.

More days, even more cycling fun

One day is not enough for cyclists to really enjoy the Vienna Alps. That is why numerous bike-friendly hosts tailor-made offers for our two-wheeled tourists – including sportsman-friendly catering, breakdown assistance and tour advice, even for just one overnight stay. The best thing about it: you’re even allowed to keep your cycling shorts on during the evening dinner ...