Mönichkirchen water park with sauna


Completely relearn what you know about water and experience sea air in the Wechsel region: The water park invites visitors of all ages to experience the healing alpine climate of the health spa resort at Mönichkirchen.

As part of the “Water of Life” adventure trail, which goes from Mönichkirchen up to Schwaig, the water park brings adults and children closer to understanding the significance of this element in a variety of ways: Besides the evaporation pond, biotope and swamp landscape, an educational footpath and water temple with colourful waterfall are waiting to be explored.

More specifically, the park is dedicated to “water and health”. In addition to Kneipp pools, where you can experience the stimulating effect of water, a solarium can also be found in the park. In the pavilion-like building, saline water is fed across bunches of fir twigs. By doing this, the air is enriched with aerosol particles. This has the same positive effect as sea air.

Drive to Mönichkirchen cable car car park and follow the sign posts to the water park, which is located nearby.

Location and how to get there