The Schneeberg and Hohe Wand mountains

Be inspired by both the sight and the view: Schneeberg and Hohe Wand promise hiking days in an impressive natural environment.

At over 2000 metres high, Schneeberg is the highest mountain in Lower Austria, and lives up to its name (which literally translates as “Snow Mountain”) until the early summer. Glistening snowfields can be seen from many Viennese apartment windows, making you want to head the mountains. And on a clear day, you can see Lake Neusiedl from the Hohe Wand mountain ridge!

Hiking at 2000 metres

The Schneebergland region can be enjoyed in both the summer and the winter. Two beautiful plateau hikes have their starting points at the summit station of the Schneeberg Railway: In just three hours, you will reach (via Ochsenboden) the summit of Klosterwappen, which, at 2075 metres, is the highest point in Lower Austria. Huts serving hearty delicacies await hikers along the way.

A broad view of the valley

Nature can also be enjoyed while hiking on the Hohe Wand. The 1132 metre high Karstplateau is an impressive nature park with several climbing and hiking routes. It is also a popular starting point for paragliders. Hohe Wand is also known for its Skywalk - a panorama terrace. The massive platform, which stretches out from the rock face by about 8 metres, gives a view far across the countryside, and of a dizzying depth of 150 metres.