Speckbacher Hütte

At the Speckbacher Hütte on the Kreuzberg, you can enjoy delicious food and a beautiful hiking route, and admire a giant rhododendron.

The Speckbacher Hütte stands out from the other mountain huts in the region thanks to what can only be described as a natural wonder – possibly the largest (131 m²) and oldest (109 years) rhododendron in Europe, which unfurls its full splendour in May.

At 1,089 metres above sea level, this popular hiking destination is also an insider tip for anyone who loves fine cuisine. Tuck into delicious delicacies on the spacious terrace, or in the cosy dining area. The hut can easily be reached by car or bus, thanks to the tarmac road. From up here, you have a fantastic view of the highest part of the Rax, as well as the Kampalpe, and the Sonnwendstein.

Two routes to the Speckbacher Hütte

Anyone who wants to visit a great hut should definitely consider following the almost 13 km long hiking trail from Payberbach to the Kreuzberg, and up to the Speckbacher Hütte. The hike from Breitenstein railway station is shorter, but still very beautiful. Once in the hut, hungry hikers can enjoy regional home cooking such as Schweinsbratl (wood fired roast pork) with Semmelknödel (dumplings) and bacon sauerkraut or Blunzengröstl (black pudding), as well as homemade pastries. Incidentally... Click here to see the Speckbacher Hütte menu.

Opening times:

Open daily except Thursdays (rest day)

Hot food served 11:00 - 18:00

Overnight accommodation (beds / storage spaces): 20 / –