Specialities from Wiener Neustadt

If you are looking for a special souvenir or would like to try some unusual products, you will find an interesting range in Wiener Neustadt. Regionally-produced organic ice cream, a beer shop for aficionados, and much more await the curious.

The “Delicius-Wein-Conceptstore” in Wiener Neustadt has plenty of interesting specialities on offer. There are exquisite red and white wines on sale, which are not easily available from all dealers. In addition to the tasting, a description of each of the fine wines is available from the manager on request.

In autumn 2015, a new shop with quirky products - “Anstalt für Getränke 42”- opened. What was once only sold at the city’s weekend market is now sold regularly in stores. The selection ranges from craft beers, to speciality coffees and fresh fruit juices.

Whether you are looking for a souvenir or a treat for yourself, “Vom Fass” in the city centre offers a varied selection of regional products. Selected oils and vinegars stand on the shelves alongside speciality wines and spirits. The delicatessen rounds off the range. If you want to surprise your friends, these products make great individual gifts.

Only fresh organic milk from the farm’s own dairy in Bucklige Welt is used to make the special ice cream which is served at “Eis Greissler” in Wiener Neustadt. Flavour enhancers and artificial colourings are avoided. Instead, regional ingredients, such as fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs are added to the ice cream. For special creations, fruits, spices and nuts are used, which do not necessarily come from the region, but are of the best quality.