World Heritage Site Semmering and Rax

The comfort of the present and the flair of the turn of the century are combined in the holiday resorts in and around Semmering and Rax.

The place where famous guests such as the Royal family, Sigmund Freud and Arthur Schnitzler once spent their summer holidays now offers multi-faceted hiking routes and boasts architectural masterpieces, and enjoys high-calibre events.

Rail travel & from hut to hut

One of the most well-known trails is the Bahnwanderweg (Railway Trail), which is shaded by the woods in summer, and rises above the fog line in winter. Starting from Semmering station, it follows the World Heritage Site Semmering Railway and offers views of impressive viaducts.

Going from hut to hut on the expansive Rax Plateau is another popular activity for hikers. Since 1926, the approx. 2000 metre high mountain, which is also known for its climbing walls, has had its own aerial cableway - the first in Austria.

Cycling & mountain biking

If you like mountain biking, you will find numerous routes and the perfect downhill terrain at the Semmering Bikepark. Every two years, Semmering (also known as the “Magic Mountain”) is the venue of the Skiing World Cup, and is therefore a hotspot for skiing enthusiasts. You can even take to the slopes in the evening, as they are very well floodlit. In winter, snowshoe hikers enjoy the fresh mountain air and views offered by the Rax.

Culture & architecture

The region is characterised by several high-quality cultural events, with topics relating to literature, history and art. Both the content and venues are worth seeing. The architecture is impressive, especially that from the Fin de Siècle and the Belle Époque, which can be seen in the towns of Semmering, Reichenau and Payerbach. Outstanding examples are the Grandhotel Panhans am Semmering, the Kurhaus Semmering and the Looshaus, which is run as a hotel and restaurant above Payerbach.