The Schwaigen on the Wechsel, © Wiener Alpen/Martin Fülöp


Views + fine dining = true pleasure in the mountain huts

The Wechsel mountain ridge is about 15km long, and a popular destination for hikers and families. The visual appearance of Wechsel is characterised by rustic Schwaigen and the route to a well-deserved snack, which passes through a gentle mountain landscape.

Hiking along the long Wechsel mountain ridge can be beautiful. However, it is only truly perfect with a visit to the “Schwaigen”, as locals fondly call the region’s mountain huts. Once there, you can expect good home cooking and a warm welcome from the landlord.

Family fun and hut frolics
Those wanting to hike to the Schwaigen can do so from many parts of the Wechsel region. A good starting point is the hiking village of Kirchberg am Wechsel. Mönichkirchen, with its roller and mountain-karting track or St. Corona, with its Corona Ameisenpfad (Corona Ant Trail) and the Corona-Coaster, are especially interesting for families.

Music fills the air
A trip to Schwaigen is especially pleasant in June. During the Schwaigen-Reigen, the Alpine hut festival, several musicians, singers and folk dance groups showcase their skills. Clad in authentic traditional Austrian dress, they perform music in and around the huts and mountain inns. The hut owners compliment this with regional dishes.