The Piestingtal: Gollinger, © Wiener Alpen/Florian Lierzer


Piestingtal has inspired poets, artists and composers

Piestingtal’s history is rich with anecdotes about the lives of great Biedermeier artists. They found inspiration for their next works in the charming scenery. Biedermeiertal continues to inspire hikers to this day.

Many people are aware of Piestingtal in the Vienna Alps, thanks to literature or the works of famous artists. With its deep valleys and vast plateaus, the landscape inspired artists such as Ferdinand Raimund or Friedrich Gauermann.

Inspiration by the river
Piestingtal was particularly inspiration for poets, composers and painters in the first half of the 19th century. Today, the name Biedermeiertal is still synonymous with the cultural significance of the region. The romantic Piesting river landscape is especially beautiful, and can be easily explored by bicycle. The Waldbad in Markt Piesting offers relaxation surrounded by nature.

Piestingtal cycle route
The 28km-long Piestingtal cycle route is a mainly flat and asphalted road which runs through Biedermeiertal. It passes through Markt Piesting. Along the way, cyclists also pass through key areas of the valley, including Pernitz and Gutenstein. A rewarding detour leads to Muggendorf and to the Myrafällen (Myra Falls). An ascent leads to Rohr im Gebirge.