1,000 Hills of the Bucklige Welt, © Wiener Alpen/Florian Lierzer

Bucklige Welt

Wild in the north, pleasant in the south – the Bucklige Welt has many faces

From north to south, idyllic hills characterise the landscape of the Bucklige Welt. Whether you are active, or prefer to relax, the region is full of opportunities.

The picturesque hilly landscape of the Bucklige Welt begins where the Semmering, Rax and Schneeberg mountains lose altitude, and gradually merge into a gentle landscape.
The north of the Bucklige Welt bears the urban influence of Wiener Neustadt. The spa towns around Bad Erlach are perfect for culture and lifestyle enthusiasts and recreation seekers who appreciate making a short journey out of town for a spa experience.

The land of 1,000 hills

Further south, Bad Schönau and its beauty spots are hidden between the rolling hills. They are particularly popular with hikers, e-bikers, and those who love hearty regional food.