Museums and attractions in Wiener Neustadt

Architectural masterpieces and attractions such as the symbol of the city - the Wasserturm (water tower) in the Stadtpark (city park) - are at the heart of Wiener Neustadt’s cultural offerings. The Wasserturm has always played a key role in water provision, and admiring its exterior is a highlight for visitors of the city. You cannot go inside the tower, but it makes a great backdrop for photographs. Points of interest such as the cathedral or the castle and several other highlights, are always worth a visit and a photo. If you like urban art, why not visit an exhibition in one of Wiener Neustadt’s many museums.

The museums and exhibition halls in Wiener Neustadt invite you to gain a deeper insight to the history and culture of the city, and are not just for art lovers. Everyone can learn something new and fascinating from one of the many exhibitions.