The Viennese Alps are worth a trip

Cable cars, lifts, trains and your car take you effortlessly to the most beautiful areas of the Viennese Alps

The mountain lifts – ranging from railcars to chair lifts, to speedy aerial cableways – take visitors to beautiful places in this visual paradise.

There are modern lifts for hikers. These save hikers from enduring many vertical kilometres at the start of their excursion, and they are perfect for the journey back to base after an intensive tour of the Arc of the Viennese Alps. A ride on the Schneeberg Railway is especially worthwhile. It will take you almost all the way to the highest peak in Lower Austria.

The views from the four seats of the Mönichkirchen mountain railway and the Schneeberg chair lift are also beautiful. The Zauberberg gondola lift in Semmering and the spacious Rax aerial cableway protects hikers from the wind and the weather.

The Hohe Wand nature park is a perfect trip and not only for families. Gentle walks, a petting zoo and a unique view from the “Skywalk” viewing terrace make for an adventurous trip.