Keyvisual Lower Austria State Exhibition 2019, © Wiener Alpen, Franz Zwickl

Delightful regional history: Bucklige Welt & Wechselland

South of Wiener Neustadt, between Bucklige Welt and the Wechsel, the pace of life is leisurely.

The “Land of 1000 hills” invites you to treat yourself during your leisure time and to enjoy walking or cycling in the rolling hills, crossing ridges and passing through deep trenches, and looking down in amazement at the imposing fortified churches and the hilly landscape of the area around Schneeberg.

Health and exercise

Anyone who wants to feel good and be healthy will be expertly looked after in Bad Erlach and Bad Schönau. The traditional spa resort of Bad Schönau uses the power of natural carbon dioxide, which flows from the earth. For those who are feeling a little more energetic, the well-developed cycle path network is the ideal stomping ground. Family-friendly routes in the valleys are complemented by mountain bike trails and e-bike routes.

Culinary delights: Regional specialities

Plenty of culinary delights are in store at several eateries in Bucklige Welt, e.g. the Triad in Krumbach and the Kupfer-Dachl in Katzelsdorf. The region’s inns are actively involved in Lower Austria's inn culture, as well as in “Sooo gut schmeckt die Bucklige Welt” (Bucklige Welt tastes sooo good) - a regional quality initiative for the local food and restaurant culture. Specialty beers are produced at the Wolfsbräu and Schwarzbräu breweries. The best ice cream can be found at Eis Greissler in Krumbach.

Wechselland also has a great smorgasbord of delicious food on offer. “Schwaigen” is a word used by the locals to refer both to alpine pastures and the cosy alpine huts. Unique home cooking is served in the latter.

Eventful times for families

Eventful times and family-friendly excursion destinations are offered by Familienarena St. Corona or Mönichkirchen in all seasons - young adventurers and their companions will definitely feel welcome here.