WAB - Regional Route S: Grünbacher Sattel - Gutenmann - Würflach

Hiking route from Grünbacher Sattel to Wellnesswelt Würflach car park

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Elevation profile

13,80 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 13,80 km
  • Ascent: 336 egm
  • Descent: 562 egm
  • Duration: 4:45 h
  • Lowest point: 418 m
  • Highest point:908 m

Details for: WAB - Regional Route S: Grünbacher Sattel - Gutenmann - Würflach

Brief description

The first part of Regional Route S starts from Grünbacher Sattel, through the Johannesbachklamm ravine, to Würflach. The Regional Routes are part of the network of paths making up the Viennese Alps (WAB) route. Hikes along these routes lead you to unique views and also insights. The Regional Routes are linked to the network of paths making up the Viennese Alps route. This results in circular hikes in conjunction with the long-distance path.


A pleasant route heads over field and forest paths from Grünbacher Sattel via the hamlet of Gutenmann. The hilly forest landscape consistently provides wonderful views of the Hohe Wand and its side valleys. After going past the Schrattenstein ruins and up the wooden walkway of the splendid Johannesbachklamm ravine, we reach Würflach, where we can treat ourselves to a Wellnesswelt Würflach visit. There is an option to combine this route with the second part of Regional Route S and to hike back to Grünbacher Sattel via Hohe Wand.

Starting point of the tour

Grünbacher Sattel

Destination point of the tour

Wellnesswelt Würflach car park

Route description WAB - Regional Route S: Grünbacher Sattel - Gutenmann - Würflach

Regional Route S starts at Grünbacher Sattel. We follow the track south towards Reitzenberg and start to ascend. Upon passing the farms in Reitzenberg, we follow a slightly uphill track that goes south towards Gutenmann. After a few minutes in the forest we come across a crossroads. From here onwards red signs guide us to the Mühlriesenangerhütte cabin. The forest path towards Gutenmann undulates and meets a paved road after around half an hour. We turn left and follow a track with great views as far as the Gutenmann-Steurer crossroads. Here, we turn right towards the wine tavern in the direction of the Schrattenstein ruins. Go past the wine tavern and various patterns for obtaining resin, we follow the forest roads and paths (marked in red, also a jogging track) to the Lärbaumkreuz. We don’t just take a break at this crossroads, we also head out on the way to the Schrattenstein ruins. It is possible to explore the ruins. The views along with the peaceful calm are extremely impressive whilst waiting (unfortunately without success) to see some knights and damsels.


When back on the path, we follow the descent towards Johannesbachklamm ravine marked in red (also tut gut-route 2) down towards Greith. We go past imposing rock faces and descend through dense mixed woodland and ditches into the valley, then after reaching the first houses in Greith we turn right onto the road to Johannesbachklamm. The trail leads us directly to the Schutzhütte Gerhartl cabin at the entrance to Johannesbachklamm. We enjoy the descent down the steps and walkways through the roaring ravine, an enchanting experience, even if it is only for a short time. After leaving the ravine, the stream is still with us, and a Natur-Erlebnis-Weg (nature experience trail) takes us to Gasthaus Pecherhittn and also the road on to Würflach. Before reaching the residential area of the town, we turn right at a turning area, head over the Johannesbach stream, and ascend to Wellnesswelt Würflach. The first part of Regional Route S ends here. The second part continues via Dörfles and the Hohe Wand summit returning back to Grünbacher Sattel. Accommodation is also available in Würflach or you can walk north to Willendorf railway station to return to where you came from.


If you are coming from Vienna or Graz, take the A2 as far as the exit at Wiener Neustadt West. Take the B26 heading towards Puchberg am Schneeberg, and you’ll reach Grünbacher Sattel just before getting to Grünbach.


A car park is available next to the start at Grünbacher Sattel.

Take the train via Wiener Neustadt to Grünbach am Schneeberg Kohlebergwerk railway station. A short walk is required until you reach the starting point of the hike. Alternatively, travel to Puchberg am Schneeberg and continue on the bus to Grünbach am Schneeberg Klaus.


More information at www.oebb.at


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Viennese Alps in Lower Austria, www.wieneralpen.at, +43 / 2622 / 78960


Always bring suitable maps. Always wear appropriate, sturdy footwear, bring sun and rain protection and water, as well as a little something to eat. Bring your mobile phone with you and save the mountain rescue emergency number: 140

Safety information

Your hiking experience in the Vienna Alps should be a thoroughly enjoyable and safe one. Therefore, please bear the following in mind:



When choosing a route, make sure it corresponds to your experience and physical fitness level. Check the weather forecast before you set off. The weather can change surprisingly quickly in the mountains. Always take appropriate equipment with you (e.g. rain protection).

Check whether the cabins and snack stations you intend to visit along the way are open. Inform someone before you set off of your chosen route and when you plan to return.

Map recommendations

Freyrag & Berndt WK 012

Author's tip

Combine your hike with a detour to Grünbach am Schneeberg. If you require accommodation, one option is the Alpen-Aktiv Landgasthof Schubertlinde.

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