Städtisches Museum Neunkirchen


The museum of the district capital Neunkirchen inspires with extensive collections in 15 showrooms. In addition to topics of town and district history and a large fossil collection , the museum also displays absolute highlights such as the bones of the 5,300-year-old Neunkirchen Ötzi or casts of the only Austrian dinosaur find.

The operators of the Neunkirchen Municipal Museum are particularly proud of this:

  • The diverse collections: Visitors take a journey through time in the fields of natural history (geology, paleontology, zoology), archaeology, city and district history, numismatics and folk culture.
  • The Neunkirchen Ötzi: a real sensation, found during the excavation of a Roman house. The contemporary of the famous "Ötzi" from the Ötztal Alps is 5,300 years old and lived in the Copper Age.
  • The Austrian dinosaur: The exhibits also include casts of the only Austrian dinosaur find from Muthmannsdorf on the Hohe Wand.
  • Theevidence of the past: The museum owns one of the largest fossil collections in the region.
  • Theview of customs and culture: The large folkloristic collection, up to 500 years old, gives an insight into the life, work and customs of the rural population.
  • The lifelike animal collection: 500 specimens of native animals are on display - from rosebugs to red deer.
  • The history of money: told by means of a coin collection with specimens from the 12th century to the schilling of the Second Republic.
  • The Lower Austria CARD: cardholders receive free admission to the museum.

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