PIZ1000 - Pittener Regionsmuseum


Let yourself be carried away into the 3,500-year-old field of tension between geology and settlement. Multimedia stories convey the eventful past of the region - the museum has been awarded the Austrian Museum Quality Seal.

The market town of Pitten has been a settlement area for thousands of years and can look back on an important historical development. The city of Wiener Neustadt was founded on the territory of the county of Pitten (often referred to as such in literature). The Bucklige Welt was called the Pittener Waldmark until the last century. Unique prehistoric finds from the Bronze Age are presented as well as the first documented mention of Pitten's name 1,150 years ago or the famous Pitten Corvinus cup from 1485 with its interesting history. Last but not least, the industrialization of the region is also vividly presented.

Experiencing history up close is the goal of this journey through time, which also includes a walk to the early Christian cave church, the baroque mountain church, the history trail and the unique rose garden in front of the early baroque vicarage. Along the way, magnificent views into the paradise of vistas await.

Public journey

From Vienna or Graz to Wr. Neustadt main station, then with the Aspangbahn to Pitten station. From the station it is about 10 min walk.

Location and how to get there