Museum village Krumbach


Since 2019, visitors can look forward to the reconstructed Tannbauer farm in the new Museum Village Krumbach. The residential storehouse from the 16th century was dismantled in the municipal area of Krumbach, below the castle, and professionally rebuilt in the museum village in painstaking work over several years. The "migration" of the building was preceded by an archaeological and building history investigation. When researching the history of ownership, the "Tannbauer" turned out to be the residential house of a market judge of the 17th century. Probably the outbuildings of the farm were used as a collection point for the taxes of the subjects to the lordship. Thus, there is a direct connection between Krumbach Castle and the Tannbauer farm. Since the building was no longer inhabited from the middle of the 20th century, the parlor in wooden block construction with small windows, tiled stove and smoke vents, the smoke room and the brick granary under the same roof with a cellar underneath have been preserved, as well as numerous soil finds that testify to the eventful history of the "Tannbauer".

On the museum grounds there is also the building of the Bürgerspital, also from the 16th century. It was built under the lord of the castle, Erasmus von Puchheim. From 2019, it will house the reception area, a multimedia show and a new permanent exhibition. This exhibition focuses on the life of the peasant population in the Buckligen Welt since the 16th century. Two figures, the landlord Erasmus von Puchheim and a peasant, give visitors an entertaining insight into the relationship between subjects and landlordship, the changes in agriculture and the life of the nobility.

A modern multimedia guide will accompany visitors through all the buildings. It offers an overview tour, interviews with experts (archaeologists, building researchers), narrations of contemporary witnesses, old photographs and background information on the museum objects.

The Genussstadel in the Museum Village Krumbach ensures the integration of the numerous direct marketers and culinary specialties of the region (Bierbrauerei Schwarz, Eisgreissler, Schnapsbrennerei Kölbel and others). Starting in 2019, special exhibitions will be shown here in cooperation with regional gourmet partners. In addition, the museum village will offer various seminars in this building such as Simperl braiding, broom tying, etc..

In addition, there is also a historic show brewery since 2019.

The time-honored homey atmosphere, which is appreciated by visitors, will continue to exist in the Museum Village Krumbach. So it is still possible to take a seat at the parlor table of the rustic Fuchsenhausstock or to dream in the mill on the museum grounds from the rattling of the mill wheel on the rushing brookThe redesigned outdoor area will offer additional idyllic places to linger, and those with a sweet tooth will discover berry bushes and herbs to taste from 2019.

Public travel

Coming from Vienna or Graz to the main station Wr. Neustadt. From there take the Aspangbahn to the station Edlitz-Grimmenstein, continue with the regional bus to the station Unterhaus. From there it is a 15 min walk.

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