Museum St. Peter an der Sperr


The City Museum, founded in 1824, and the Dominican Church of St. Peter an der Sperr merge to form a magnificent complex worth seeing for history, culture and society. The reconstruction for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2019 made the Museum St. Peter an der Sperr, next to the casemates, an architectural jewel of Wiener Neustadt.

St. Peter, originally built on the northern city wall and part of the defense line, will offer unique exhibition spaces in the nave, cloister wing and modernized annex from 2020.

After a successful provincial exhibition in 2019, the museum and its unique collection will once again be home to the legendary Corvinus Beaker from the 15th century and the Gospels from 1325, among other things, starting in 2020.

The Museum St. Peter an der Sperr is a forum for social issues, discussions and exhibitions on a wide variety of topics. Alone due to its exciting architecture, the foyer of the museum forms a unique space for cultural events, both indoors and outdoors. As in the times of the monastery in the 16th century, the mayor's garden is once again part of the overall ensemble and attracts audiences with its atmospheric ambience for concerts ranging from the Renaissance to jazz and world music.


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