“See what I can do!” The Motorikpark® in the St. Corona fun park is an enormous play area for children and those who are young at heart, who enjoy exercising in the great outdoors. On 24 stations with 250 elements, you can practice your balance skills and improve your fitness and coordination. A really great thing about the stations is that many of them can be mastered in a team.

Exercise for all

One of the special things about the Motorikpark® is the fact that the stations are equally suitable for little children from 2 years old and above when accompanied by a parent and amateur athletes who want to keep fit. Generally speaking, the stations offer plenty of variety. Starting with the kite simulator, in which you can swing casually through the air, to the balancing course, fitness outdoor area or the relaxed Stone Age playground, there really is something for everyone.

Up for a challenge?

Top athletes will also discover plenty of challenges. Anyone who can conquer the 150-m coordination stairs without falling off once, earns the right to an ice-cream from the cosy Wechsel Lounge next to the Motorikpark®.

Prices and opening hours can be found on the Wexl Arena website

Location and how to get there