Millenium Observatory


The Millennium Observatory is located at the highest point of the Hirschenkogel magic mountain at 1,340 meters. From the 25-meter-high viewing platform, you can overlook the Semmering-Rax landscape and see on clear days as far as Hungary .

7 things you didn't know about the Millenium Observatory:

  • The way to the summit is easier than you think: If you want to get to the Millenium Observatory, take the Hirschenkogel cable car and walk the remaining one hundred meters. 
  • The name has to do with the year of construction: The Millenium Observatory was built in 1999, shortly before the turn of the millennium. 
  • It is higher than all the treetops on the Hirschenkogel: the viewing platform is 25 meters high, including the roof the lookout is even 30.5 meters high.
  • The all-round view is truly impressive: on a fine day, you can look out over the Semmering-Rax landscape from Styria to the Vienna Basin and, on a clear day, as far as Burgenland, Lake Neusiedl and Hungary. 
  • The wood of the control room comes from larch: the tower construction consists of 104 m3 of larch wood and was built using the glulam construction method. A concrete foundation provides the necessary stability. 
  • The way up is on foot: If you want to reach the top, you first have to climb 155 steps. Considering the magnificent view, that's a piece of cake. 
  • Down you go with a jump: For all those who are looking for a thrill, there is the Millennium Jump. The first 5 m you fly in free fall before the rope springs you back.
  • You can eat well right nearby: for example, in the Liechtensteinhaus, a good hundred meters away, with a sun terrace and a new panorama restaurant built on pillars.


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