Mandl's goat farm


Fancy a goat? Organic goat cheese and goat yogurt fresh from the Buckligen Welt: In Lichtenegg in the Buckligen Welt live about 300 goats, whose milk is processed with great care into delicious organic cheese and organic yogurt. Michael Mandl and his team make sure of that.

The goat milk project began for the Mandl family with a single goat. At that time, Michael Mandl was still a child. Today, around 300 goats cavort on the lush meadows and in the barn of the goat farm. The organic goat's milk is processed in the farm's own cheese dairy into delicious goat cheese balls, cream cheese rolls in various herb and spice casings, as well as feta-style goat cheese, grilled goat cheese and also organic goat yogurt.

Mandl's Ziegenhof has already received several awards for its goat cheese products - such as the "Kasermandl" in gold. In addition, the organic farm won the Austrian Climate Protection Award in the category of agriculture in 2015. This is because Michael Mandl attaches great importance to sustainability both in the husbandry and feeding of his goats and in production. For Michael Mandl, in any case, the following applies: Organic - the only way.

Mandl's Ziegenhof - The special shopping experience!

The exquisite fresh goat cheese assortment is available in the farm storein addition to a colorful assortment from the region and all over Austria. There is also the unique "Goaß cinema": through two large windows you can watch the goats playing, eating and chilling.


At Mandl's goat farm, visitors can also enjoy an adventure area. The GOAT PANORAMA provides even more insight into the colorful activities of the goats, their keeping, feeding and the processing of the valuable BIO goat milk and makes the trip there even more eventful.

During guided tours of the farm you can learn interesting facts about farm life, the daily life of the goats and the production of the delicious goat cheese products.

This farm is also a member of the quality initiative "Sooo gut schmeckt die Bucklige Welt".

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