Ghega Museum


The name Carl Ritter von Ghega makes railroad fans go into raptures. The engineer planned and supervised the construction of the Semmering Railway from 1848 to 1854 and realized a project that many thought was unfeasible. Visitors to the Semmering region can now learn a lot about the eventful life of the master railroad builder.

The Ghega Museum in Breitenstein on the railroad hiking trail near the "Kalte Rinne" viaduct is dedicated to the life of the visionary engineer. Georg Zwickl and his wife have lovingly renovated the former railroad caretaker's house. Since 2015 it shines in new splendor.

In various rooms on a good 60 m², one can follow the life and work of the engineer Carl Ritter von Ghega and his employees. Around 40 pictures as well as sketches, plans and drawings provide an insight into a time moved by technical progress. The operator, Georg Zwickl, is happy to guide visitors through the museum himself and impart his knowledge. Admission is by voluntary donation.

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