Dr. Karl Renner Museum


Only about 50 minutes outside Vienna, the Renner Museum of Contemporary History takes its visitors on an exciting journey through time. In Dr. Karl Renner's former villa in Gloggnitz, historical facts about the 1st and 2nd Austrian Republics are presented in an easily understandable and authentic way.

In addition to changing special shows, the Renner Museum's permanent exhibitions provide fascinating insights into Austria's history. The development from a multi-ethnic state to the European Union is illuminated, as is Renner's extraordinary path from farmer's son to federal president. A highlight is the barrier-free "Virtual Tour" through the 120-year-old Renner Villa, a listed building.

Incidentally, those interested in history can find out more details about a decisive period in the life of the two-time founder of the state, state chancellor and federal president just half an hour's drive away. In Hochwolkersdorf, the memorial room 1945 informs about the events on the last days of World War II and Dr. Renner's role.

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