The summer toboggan run at the Wexl Arena St. Corona am Wechsel


The lights change to green; tension rises: It's lift off for the speedy toboggan ride through sharp bends, turns and whizzing along next to the forest and walking routes. At the end of the 870-metre long track in St. Corona am Wechsel, you ascend back to the start to enjoy the scenic countryside around Kampstein. However, the only thing you will be thinking about will be having one more go on the track!

Faster than Usain Bolt

The modern toboggans generate a top speed of 40 km/h. That's faster than Usain Bolt's average speed (37.58 km/h) when he broke the 100-metre world record. If you think you are going too fast, you can simply pull on the brakes.

Safe driving pleasure guaranteed

Safety plays the most important role. Belts, slip-resistant footrests and bucket seats ensure that even the smallest riders can safely travel. The coaster has a really smart feature: The toboggan brakes automatically at speeds above 40 km/h. This allows children as young as 3 years old to ride with an adult and children from 8 years old can ride unaccompanied.

Current opening hours and prices can be found on the Wexl Arena Website.

Location and how to get there