Alpannonia – Long-Distance hiking trail: Fischbach - Köszeg

Trekking trail from Fischbach - Local centre to Kőszeg - Centre

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Elevation profile

124,54 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 124,54 km
  • Ascent: 3.800 egm
  • Descent: 4.500 egm
  • Duration: 37:00 h
  • Lowest point: 275 m
  • Highest point:1.782 m
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Suitable for families and children
  • Cultural/historical value
  • Botanical highlights
  • Summit tour

Details for: Alpannonia – Long-Distance hiking trail: Fischbach - Köszeg

Brief description

This variant of the main alpannonia trail is a 124.5 km long high-altitude and panoramic trail from Fischbach in Styria to Kőszeg in Hungary.


"alpannonia- borderless hiking” is a network of hiking trails that stretches from the Alpine region of Styria and Lower Austria to the plains of Hungary. The trail network consists of a main trail and various regional routes. The main trail has two starting points in the Alpine region (Fischbach and Semmering) and Kőszeg as the end point at the last foothills of the Alps in Hungary. Places of tourist importance are connected to the main trail by regional routes.


From the start in Fischbach, head uphill towards the Teufelstein. The summit with its wonderful view is a little off the main trail - about 15 minutes are needed for the ascent. Now it's downhill a little to the saddle of the Alpl. From the Alpl, the trail climbs steadily up to the Pretul with its panoramic views and the highest point of the alpannonia hiking trail network, the Stuhleck at an altitude of 1782 m. From the Stuhleck, a somewhat steep descent leads to the Pfaffensattel. The trail then climbs a little again, past the small Pfaff and on to the Feistritzsattel. This is where the trail begins a larger ascent to the second highest point, the Hochwechsel at an altitude of 1743 m. Even before the Hochwechsel, at the Kranichberger Schwaig, a panoramic section begins, which leads over the Hochwechsel and Niederwechsel to the Mönichkirchner Schwaig. This section offers views of the Vienna Basin, the Graz Basin and far into Hungary. The hiking trail leads from Mönichkirchen via Hochneukirchen to Bernstein across the hilly landscape of the Bucklige Welt and Burgenland. The route is characterized by sections that alternate between forest, meadows and fields and always offer views in different directions. From Bernstein, the trail leads with smaller ascents and descents via Goberling to Unterkohlstätten. Here begins the last major ascent of the trail to the Hirschenstein and Geschriebenstein with 883 m of ascent. At the summit of the Geschriebenstein and the viewing tower on it, you have also reached the Austrian/Hungarian border. The Hungarian section of the alpannonia hiking trail network then leads downhill, with a few small counter-climbs, until you finally reach the plain in the center of Köszeg.

Starting point of the tour

Fischbach - Local centre

Destination point of the tour

Kőszeg - Centre

Route description Alpannonia – Long-Distance hiking trail: Fischbach - Köszeg

Fischbach - Teufelstein (to the side of the main path, approx. 15 min one way) - Alpl - Pretul - Stuhleck - Pfaffensattel - Feistritzsattel - Hochwechsel - Mönichkirchen - bridge over motorway - Hochneukirchen - Redlschlag - Bernstein - Goberling - Unterkohlstätten - Geschriebenstein (Irottkő) - Steirerhäuser - Kőszeg (Güns)

Semmering and Köszeg can be reached by train.

Fischbach via Birkfeld by bus Attention!


Special offer in Köszeg; possibility to take a taxi from Köszeg back to the starting point Semmering or Fischbach. (fixed price 100 euros) Please book in good time via the tourist office in Köszeg.

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Always take suitable maps with you. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for the tour, take sun and rain protection as well as water and a snack. Take your mobile phone with you and save the emergency number for mountain rescue: 140

Safety information

Over the crests of the Pretul and the Hochwechsel, snow and fog can cause orientation problems.

There is no mobile phone reception on some sections of the trail

Behaviour when encountering grazing animals (Video):

When choosing a route, make sure that it is suitable for your mountain experience and fitness level. Check the weather forecast in advance. The weather can change surprisingly quickly in the mountains. Therefore, always set off equipped accordingly (e.g. rain protection). 

Check whether the huts and snack stations you want to visit en route are open. Inform someone about your choice of route and your planned return before you set off.

Cross-border hiking trail: Remember to take a passport or identity card with you!Translated with (free version)

Map recommendations

alpannonia Übersichtskarte, 1:160 000

alpannonia Weitwanderbuch NEU, erhältlich ab 3/19

freytag & berndt WK 021 Fischbacher Alpen - Roseggers Waldheimat - Mürzzuschlag, 1:50.000

freytag & berndt WK 422 Wechsel - Bucklige Welt - Bernstein, 1:50.000

Kompass Kartenset Burgenland 227, 1:50 000

Ungarn, Köszegi-hegyseg / Günser Gebirge, 1:35.000

Author's tip

Overnight accommodation and shuttle services must be booked in advance.

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