Wechsel Cross-Country Trail

Classic and skating cross-country ski runs, several entry points For cross-country skiers there is no way round the 70 kilometre long Wechsel cross-country trail.

The whole Wechsel Cross-Country Trail in the Vienna Alps leads you to 1000 metres above sea level and to Wechsel’s most beautiful viewing platforms. It doesn’t just guarantee wonderful panoramic views, but also guarantees good snow conditions.

At roughly 70 kilometres long, the Wechsel cross-country trail is the first port of call in the Vienna Alps for all cross-country skiers. Tracked from the beginning of December to the end of March – provided there is enough snow for preparation – the cross-country trail runs through varied terrain and also divides into smaller round track sections. It is located at over 1000m above sea level and offers beautiful panoramic views over Schneeberg, Rax, Wechsel and the surrounding areas.

Entry points and maps
There are several entry points along the Wechsel cross-country trail, where maps are also available. The Steyersberger Schwaig near Kirchberg am Wechsel is particularly recommended, with its own practice and training area. Further entry points: Mönichkirchen Mariensee Ski Circuit, Feistritzsattel und Kampsteiner Schwaig.

Rest points
Along the cross-country trail there are also some popular alpine huts, which invite you in for a small refreshment and short rest. Alongside the Steyersberger Schwaig, for example, the Kummerbauer Stadl entices with light home cooking.