Vienna Alps Bed in Summer, © Wiener Alpen/Bene Croy

Vienna Alps bed

A special room in the Paradise of Scenic Views

The Vienna Alps bed is a stand-alone timber structure which is very close to nature. Large glass façades, natural materials and a peaceful location make this countryside retreat particularly ideal for couples.

A protected bed, surrounded by nature. This is the best way of describing this modern timber structure in the Paradise of Scenic Views. The best features of the property are its clear design and its large glass façade. The room is flooded with light, and you can see a calming landscape from the bed. You can sleep undisturbed, and start the day with the sun on your face.

Vienna Alps bed in da Wies’n
The first two Vienna Alps beds are located in the Triad near Krumbach and Bad Schönau. The two country house style double rooms each have a terrace, and are surrounded by greenery. Those who choose to can dine in the award-winning restaurant, drink fine wine, and then stay overnight in the “Auf da Teichseitn” or “Im Gartl” rooms. The names perfectly describe the view.

Have a long sleep
If you go to bed late, you can enjoy a lie-in the next morning. You do not need to check out until 13:00. There will still be enough time for a long breakfast, and a walk around the reservoir and the garden.