Premium bon-vivant rooms

Live in luxury: extraordinary premium bon-vivant rooms in the Vienna Alps

Little things can make a big difference. This can be said for a stay in a premium bon-vivant room, during which guests can make 3 wishes.

There are rooms and there are premium bon-vivant rooms. The latter are especially spacious and carefully furnished. The smallest details make all the difference – a juicy fruit platter, a freshly-picked bouquet, an ornament on your bedside table, or petals in your bath water.

Your 3 wishes are our commands
Wishes can come true in a premium bon-vivant room. Not everything is possible, but little touches such as a glass of champagne for breakfast, or an evening meal with freshly harvested ingredients, can be selected from a list during a stay of at least two nights.

Lower Austria Culture Ticket
Premium guests will be entitled to use a Culture Ticket for the duration of their stay. This ticket entitles the bearer to free or reduced admission to a large number of attractions.

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