Neue Seehütte

Climb the Rax via Preiner Wand, and regain your strength in the Neue Seehütte.

The Neue Seehütte on the Rax is popular with both hikers and climbers. Recover from your tribulations in the climbing paradise of Preiner Wand, whilst planning your next tour over a plate of home-made cheese strudel.

Regain your strength at 1,643m above sea level: Rax visitors like to relax in the idyllically located Neue Seehütte. Mountain fans who prefer a leisurely stroll can call in after a relaxing hike on the Rax Plateau. Those who want a challenge can climb up to the hut using Preiner Wand’s various fixed-rope routes.

Dedicated to the welfare of guests and nature

Viktor Frankl became a prominent regular guest at the Neue Seehütte. It is one of the certified huts in the Vienna Alps, and has also been awarded the Österreichishes Umweltzeichen (Austrian Ecolabel). An environmentally friendly photovoltaic system supplies the energy that the dedicated owners need to ensure that bikers and climbers have a relaxing break.

Regain your strength and hop from hut to hut

Whether in the rustic inn, or outside with a view of the Vienna Alps, You can relax and plan your next tour over portions of regional specialities such as roast pork from the wood-fired oven, or home-made cheese strudel. Visitors coming from the summit station Rax aerial cableway, via the Ottohaus, can choose to go back along the Seeweg (lake route) or the Kammweg (ridgeway). 

Opening times: 
Mid-may – 1 November; no closing days
open from early November to mid-May on weekends, and in good weather only (telephone consultation recommended)

Accommodation (beds / storage places):

Mobile: +43 676 7488719 // +43 676 7488718