In the footsteps of great thinkers on the Rax aerial cableway

The Rax aerial cableway once carried Freud and Frankl up the mountain that inspired them.

In under ten minutes, the Rax aerial cableway takes you from the district of Hirschwang in Reichenau an der Rax to the summit station at 1,546m above sea level, where many interesting routes await you.

The Rax is not only popular with mountaineers – the neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl regularly visited his “Lebensberg”. Sigmund Freud did the same. He climbed the Rax on a weekly basis, and stayed at the Ottohaus.
He conquered the 1,017 meters of altitude on the Rax plateau in eight minutes - and in the most comfortable way – with the Rax aerial cableway, which opened in 1926 and was Austria’s first aerial cableway.

From hut to hut
Hut hopping on the Rax is very exciting. The route leads through mountain pine fields, over mountain peaks, and constantly passes huts. Starting at the summit station of the Rax aerial cableway, the destination is the Preiner Gscheid Pass. There are three versions of the route, which are between 10 and 16.5km long. Order a free “Hut hopping on the Rax” brochure online.

Searching for Alpine herbs
Some of the numerous Rax hiking routes uplift our spirits, but there are also some that convey very useful information and knowledge. Herb expert Sandra Szalay leads Alpine herb hikes, and shares her knowledge with enthusiasts. Tours can be booked through the Raxalpen tourist office.

Elsewhere in the Rax
There are other ways to access the Rax. For example, you can hike from the Preiner Gscheid Pass to the Waxriegelhaus, and reach the west side of the Rax. If needed, snow shoes and poles can be hired from the Raxalpenhof.