Winter hiking at the foot of the Schneeberg

Winter walking route from Edelweißhütte on the Schneeberg to Schneeberg chairlift valley station

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Elevation profile

3,92 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 3,92 km
  • Ascent: 67 egm
  • Descent: 437 egm
  • Duration: 1:30 h
  • Lowest point: 831 m
  • Highest point:1.247 m
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Mountain railway ascent/descent

Details for: Winter hiking at the foot of the Schneeberg

Brief description

Whether you choose sturdy walking shoes or snowshoes, this winter hike offers a scenic "detour" from the Edelweißhütte on the Schneeberg down into the valley.

NOTE: Please be aware that this winter walk may not be completely maintained in snowy conditions and can have patches of ice. Use at your own risk! Please equip yourself appropriately, such as with sturdy shoes, sticks, waterproof outdoor clothing, hat, etc. Make sure you have enough to drink in winter too! Be aware of it getting dark early and carefully plan your route!


After dropping into the Edelweißhütte on the Schneeberg, which is open all year round, not everyone wants to take the chairlift directly back down into the valley. This hiking route takes you past the Almreserhaus and back to the valley station via Dürre Leiten. You will be treated to a procession of fantastic views of the Schneeberg and the Gutensteiner Alps. If you get tired, you can take a shortcut.

Starting point of the tour

Edelweißhütte on the Schneeberg

Destination point of the tour

Schneeberg chairlift valley station

Route description Winter hiking at the foot of the Schneeberg

We start our hike at the Edelweißhütte, immediately next to Schneeberg chairlift mountain station. We set off along the North Alpine Way towards Almreserlhaus. If you want a shorter route, you can peel off after the Almreserlhaus. Otherwise, we follow the path via Dürre Leiten and go downhill. After a good 2 km, we keep right at a fork in the path. We continue to follow the path down to the valley station.


From Vienna (90 km)

A2 towards Graz, exit 44 Wiener Neustadt West, left onto B26 Puchberger Straße, on the B26 to Puchberg am Schneeberg, in Puchberg turn right into Bahnstraße and right into Schneebergstraße (L4122), straight on into Losenheimer Straße (L4123) to Losenheim


There are parking spaces directly on Losenheimer Straße at Schneeberg chairlift valley station.

Take the train to Wiener Neustadt station. There change to the next local train terminating at Puchberg am Schneeberg. Here transfer to local bus 1720 to Losenheim and alight at the chairlift (Sesselbahn) stop. The Schneeberg chairlift will take you up to the Edelweißhütte.

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Festes Schuhwerk, warme Kleidung im Zwiebel-Prinzip (viele dünne Schichten). Die Edelweißhütte liegt auf über 1.200 Metern Höhe. Auch wenn es im Tal kalt und grau ist, kann es oben sonnig sein. Daher Sonnenbrille und Sonnenschutz nicht vergessen.

Safety information

Find out about local weather conditions in advance. Orientation is more difficult in winter. GPS and/or good maps are essential.

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