Semmering Rax view circular

Winter walking route from Top of the Semmering pass

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Elevation profile

6,34 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Route: 6,34 km
  • Ascent: 162 egm
  • Descent: 162 egm
  • Duration: 2:00 h
  • Lowest point: 943 m
  • Highest point:1.041 m
  • Round tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Cultural/historical value

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Brief description

A brilliant winter circular walk along the paved path of the Hochstraße with sun terraces and the open-air museum ‘Hochstraßenmuseum’.

 NOTE: Please be aware that this winter walk may not be completely maintained in snowy conditions and can have patches of ice. Use at your own risk! Please equip yourself appropriately, such as with sturdy shoes, sticks, waterproof outdoor clothing, hat, etc. Make sure you have enough to drink in winter too! Be aware of it getting dark early and carefully plan your route!


The top of the pass is the starting point of this walk from Semmering. Go along the Hochstraße past the council office, Hotel Belvedere, Restaurant Löffler to the Hotel Panhans. All these buildings originate from the turn of the century and are Semmering’s witnesses to the past. The Hochstraße leads past the parish church and the imposing parsonage and the viewing terraces around the Semmeringkogel. At the historical Kleinhans Villa, a short way along the F. Schüler Weg. Left on a forest path to Hans Dujsik Straße. Towards the valley to Adlitzgrabenstraße, along Baumallee to the F. Schüler Straße junction, past the historical villas on the Hochstraße and to the starting point at the top of the pass.

Starting point of the tour

Top of the Semmering pass

Destination point of the tour

Top of the Semmering pass

Route description Semmering Rax view circular

From the top of the pass, walk along the Hochstraße to Panoramahotel Wagner and continue to the imposing Semmering villa on the sharp bend. Here go straight along Friedrich Schülerstraße a short way towards Waldweg Meierei-Golfplatz. Follow this to the crossroads with Forststraße. Travel out of the valley to Adlitzgrabenstraße. After a short way, branch towards Friedrich Schüler Straße which leads back to Hochstraße and return to the starting point.


From Vienna, go down the A2 motorway to the S6 Semmering dual carriageway, and take the Maria Schutz exit. Turn right, onto the L4168. Further down the Semmering/L4168, take Semmeringstraße and Passstraße to B306

From Graz, go down the S6 Semmering dual carriageway, and take the Spital/Semmering exit. Turn left, onto Semmering Ersatz Strasse/B306. Continue along the B306.


Parking opportunities at the top of the pass.

Reach Semmering from Vienna Hauptbahnhof by train (Railjet Station 1 hour 20 min). About 20 minutes walk to the top of the pass.

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Equip yourself appropriately for the season (winter clothing and footwear). Bring a trail map and your mobile phone, and save the emergency number of the mountain rescue team: 140

Safety information

Make sure that your choice of route matches your hiking experience and your physical condition. Check the weather forecast. In the mountains, the weather can change surprisingly quickly. For this reason, make sure you are well-equipped.

Check that the huts and refreshment stations that you want to visit along the way will be open. Tell someone which route you have chosen, and when you hope to return, before you set off.

Emergency number for mountain rescue: 140

EU emergency number: 112

Avalanche info: www.lawinenwarndienst-niederö


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Author's tip

Combine your walk with a stay in the Hotel Zauberberg, the Hotel Belvedere or the Grand Hotel Panhans!

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